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  1. Helene Schlesinger describes going back to graduate school at Queens College in 1966, and then began[...]
    Helene Schlesinger Clip 4: Teaching Career

  2. Thomas Maguire talks about working in London before coming to New York because of the birth of his s[...]
    Thomas Maguire, Full Interview

  3. Sal Porio talks about his schooling throughout the years, from public elementary and junior high sch[...]
    Sal Porio, Clip 3: New York Education

  4. Thara Madathody is an Indian immigrant who moved to the US in 2003 after getting married. She talks [...]
    Thara Madathody, Full Interview

  5. At the time of this interview, Mr. Khan had lived in Queens Village for sixteen years. His ancestors[...]
    Moontaz Khan, Full Interview

  6. Natalie talks about her job with the Queens Memory Project from the time that she was in Library Sch[...]
    Natalie Milbrodt, Clip 2: Queens Memory

  7. When her children were school-aged, Joan Flowers moved from Queens to Long Island so they could atte[...]
    Joan Flowers, Clip 3: Joan Flowers on Education

  8. Marie provides an overview of her education, career and her life from emigrating to the US from Hait[...]
    Marie Bathard Interview, Clip 1: Life Overview

  9. Ekta Kaur mentions that education is very important in India. In some cities in India, there are pla[...]
    Ekta Kaur, Clip 1: Education in India

  10. Mary says when academic institutions are small, students can afford to take part in school sponsored[...]
    Mary Reuder, Clip 7: Warmth That's Gone

  11. Mary Reuder talks about working as an assistant instructor in Pennsylvania. Mary worked with a blind[...]
    Mary Reuder, Clip 4: Blind Student

  12. Natalie Milbrodt, was born in 1977, in Southern Indiana. The family moved to Detroit, Michigan, wher[...]
    Natalie Milbrodt, Full Interview