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  1. Dolores describes how her Filipino father and Scandinavian mother met and how they moved to Astoria [...]
    Dolores Fernandez-Alic, Clip 1: Filipino Tradition [...]

  2. Dolores Fernandez Alic grew up in Astoria, Queens in the 1950s and 60s. This interview discusses her[...]
    Dolores Fernandez-Alic, Full Interview

  3. Erna commuted to Brooklyn Tech with other kids from Queens for High School in the early 1990's. If y[...]
    Erna Hernandez Barenio, Clip 4: High School in NYC [...]

  4. Aida Hernandez talks about how there was martial law in the Philippines in the early 1970's and how [...]
    Aida Hernandez, Clip1: Martial Law in the Philippi [...]

  5. Aida remembers the community being really close in Woodside. Friends and neighbors were like family.[...]
    Aida Hernandez, Clip3: Living in Woodside

  6. Joey Tabaco describes his father's U.S. military service in the Philippines during World War II. Aro[...]
    Joey Tabaco, Clip 1: Natalio Tabaco's Migrati [...]

  7. Randy Gonzales on the day of his interview.[...]
    Randy Gonzales

  8. Esther Tabaco-Costanzo remembers dressing up in a gown and attending the Bohol Reunion Ball at the W[...]
    Esther Tabaco-Costanzo, Clip 1: The Bohol Reunion [...]

  9. Erna Hernandez Barenio on the day of her interview.[...]
    Erna Hernandez Barenio

  10. During third grade, Esther Tabaco-Costanzo remembers attending dancing school at Ms. Helen's on 260t[...]
    Esther Tabaco-Costanzo, Clip 2: Playing Ringolevio [...]

  11. Dolores describes her father's childhood and how he worked for U.S. General Douglas MacArthur (1880-[...]
    Dolores Fernandez-Alic, Clip 3 : Pio Fernandez [...]

  12. Erna recalls growing up as a child in New York City. She mentions memories of playing tag outside, o[...]
    Erna Hernandez Barenio, Clip 1: Childhood in Queen [...]