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  1. Richard discusses his life and history in Queens, specifically on his activism, career, religion, an[...]
    Richard Wandel, Full Interview

  2. Richard implores people to be outspoken about injustice and bigotry.[...]
    Richard Wandel, Clip 2: Speak Out

  3. John Moran talks about the AIDS crisis in relation to the neighborhood of Jackson Heights. Various A[...]
    John Moran, Clip 2: AIDS Crisis in Jackson Heights

  4. Bruce discusses his many experiences as a gay Jewish man coming of age in the 1970s. Topics include [...]
    Bruce Friedman, Full Interview

  5. Gary talks about how Jackson Heights has changed over the years he has lived in the neighborhood. He[...]
    Gary Gilbert, Clip 1: Changes in the Neighborhood

  6. Richard discusses his involvement with the Mattachine Society, one of the earliest LGBT organization[...]
    Richard Wandel, Clip 1: President of the Mattachin [...]

  7. Gary talks about his hopes for the future of the Queens. He hopes that Queens will become a more mul[...]
    Gary Gilbert, Clip 3: Gary's Hopes for Queens

  8. Larry talks about his experiences working as an LGBTQ activist in both Manattan and Queens. He goes [...]
    Larry Menzie, Clip 3: The Difference Between the L [...]

  9. Greg Stein talks about how having friends with HIV motivated him to become involved in activism for [...]
    Greg Stein, Clip 2: Activism

  10. John Moran talks about some of the events that were taking place in his LGBTQ social club, while he [...]
    John Moran, Clip 1: LGBTQ Club

  11. Greg Stein discusses his involvement with the Queens LBGTQ community, from the Queens Pride Parade t[...]
    Greg Stein, Clip 1: The Queens LBGTQ Community

  12. John Moran takes pride in his gay community. “The battle has been won,” he syas. He notes that g[...]
    John Moran, Clip 3: Hopes for Gay Community