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  1. Ganapathy's daughter attended John Bowne High School from the 10th-12th grade, from 1979-1982. Growi[...]
    Ganapathy Padmanabhan, Clip 4: Daughter's edu [...]

  2. Dr. Uma Mysorekar describes how the influx of immigrants into the Flushing and population growth led[...]
    Uma Mysorekar, Clip 6: Why Flushing is the home of [...]

  3. The Mohans discuss their son and daughter. Their daughter is married with a family, but is not relig[...]
    P. Ramaswamy and Radhika Mohan, Clip 5: Their son [...]

  4. Wilson explains that he originally often found himself in embarrassing encounters in the United Stat[...]
    Wilson Salto's Anecdotes about his State of K [...]

  5. Mr. Eichenbaum discusses increasing number of people moving into the Flushing area.[...]
    Jack Eichenbaum, Clip 4: Population Increase

  6. Chris Shand works the 4pm to midnight shift at the Flushing Hospital where his wife also works as a [...]
    Chris Shand, Full Interview

  7. Ms. Kim's first thought about seeing Flushing was that it looked dirty and felt technologically back[...]
    Eun-Young Kim, Clip 1: First Thoughts About Flushi [...]

  8. Mr. Graziano describes how New York City adapted the current zoning resolution in 1961. It was desig[...]
    Paul Graziano, Clip 4: Redevelopment in the 1980&# [...]

  9. According to Tirado, the recession in the 1980's emptied stores on Main Street. Then section 8 housi[...]
    Nilda Tirado, Clip 6: Waves of immigrants in Flush [...]

  10. Having escaped the Soviet occupation in Estonia, Liivia Westervelt immigrated to America via Germany[...]
    Liivia Westervelt Clip 2: Escaping Estonia

  11. Mr. Hourahan describes how the Progressive era, was not just one of social reform, but also reflecte[...]
    Richard Hourahan, Clip 1: Progressive era

  12. Mr. Hourahan states that there continues to be tension between Chinese residents from Taiwan and mai[...]
    Richard Hourahan, Clip 6: Tension within Chinese p [...]