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  1. Shavetta Gupta is shown in India dressed up in a traditional Indian saree. The photograph was taken [...]
    Indian Saree

  2. Shavetta Gupta's son Rom Gupta is smiling by his bicycle in this photo taken before the race.[...]
    Astoria Bicycle Race 2014

  3. The bride, Shavetta, and her groom, Rajesh Gupta, place pieces of food in the fire that serve as off[...]
    Wedding Offerings

  4. Shavetta's family welcomes Rajesh's family as they arrive to the wedding. After they pay the bride's[...]
    Groom's Entrance

  5. A group photo of participants before the race at Astoria Park, 2011.[...]
    Astoria Bike Race 2011 Participants

  6. This photo was taken after the Astoria Bike Race, 2011 in Astoria Park. Tushal and Shelly Gupta are [...]
    Winning The Astoria Bike Race 2011

  7. Shavetta Gupta's son Romi Gupta is show in traditional Indian clothing (Lungi-Kurta). He is ready fo[...]
    Before Mundan Ceremony

  8. Group photo of participants at the Astoria Bicycle Race 2011. Left to right - Tushal Gupta, Shelly G[...]
    Astoria Bike Race 2011

  9. Rajesh's sister-in-law puts kohl (eye cosmetic) in his eyes before the wedding ceremony.[...]
    Getting the Groom Ready

  10. In the summertime, Shavetta and her family frequently walk to their temple, which is fourteen blocks[...]
    Shavetta Gupta, Clip 5: Going to the Temple

  11. Shavetta's family members, from left: Sumiran Aggarwal, Kashish Goyal, Ramila Jindal, Punam Bansal, [...]
    Awaiting the Groom

  12. Shavetta Gupta at Queens Central Library on the day of her oral history interview.[...]
    Shavetta Gupta