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  1. Susan McMahon came to America by plane. She came by herself to Woodside to her uncle’s at 58th Str[...]
    Susan McMahon Clip 1: Forever in the Dance Halls

  2. Although Jane Duffy was born in New York, she spent the majority of her childhood in Ireland, and ca[...]
    Jane Duffy, Full Interview

  3. Jane’s father was involved in the IRA and was on the run from 1921-1922. The English tied him and [...]
    Jane Duffy, Clip 4: My Father

  4. Mary and Timothy O'Sullivan on the day of their oral history interview.[...]
    Mary and Timothy O'Sullivan

  5. Mary talks about how much she danced when she lived in Woodside. She tells a story of how she and he[...]
    Mary and Timothy O'Sullivan Clip 4: Train Sta [...]

  6. Patsy talks about how she met her husband Patrick, and about how good they were at dancing. She also[...]
    Patsy Kearney Clip 1: Adventures With Patsy and He [...]

  7. Mary and Timothy O'Sullivan talk about their respective trips back to Ireland. It was a long journey[...]
    Mary and Timothy O'Sullivan Clip 1: Going Bac [...]

  8. Patsy wants her grandchildren to stay connected to their Irish heritage. She talks about how much he[...]
    Patsy Kearney Clip 3: Patsy's Message to Her [...]

  9. Mary and Timothy O’Sullivan talk about their respective journeys in immigrating to New York. Mary [...]
    Mary O'Sullivan and Timothy O'Sullivan, [...]

  10. Patsy talks about she came to America because of her father's health. She and her family lived in he[...]
    Patsy Kearney Clip 2: How Patsy Kearney Got Settle [...]

  11. Mary and Timothy O'Sullivan - Mary talks about her traveling to America from Ireland by boat because[...]
    Mary and Timothy O'Sullivan Clip 2: It Was A [...]

  12. Patsy Kearney talks about her life in Ireland and moving to America. She talks about how she met her[...]
    Patsy Kearney, Full Interview