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  1. Jesus Pineiro talks about some of his fond memories of time spent in Puerto Rico. He describes eatin[...]
    Jesus Pineiro, Clip 2: Puerto Rico or New York

  2. Irmgard Beetle talks about her life in Stuttgart, Germany and when she immigrated to the US shortly [...]
    Irmgard Beetle, Clip 1: Favorite Foods from German [...]

  3. Daphne Pappaioanou was raised in a small town in Greece called Krinides, Kavala. Daphne moved to the[...]
    Daphne Pappaioanou, Clip 2: Foods of the Season

  4. Jesus Pineiro - Full interview: At the time of the interview, Jesus Pineiro just returned from a mon[...]
    Jesus Pineiro, Full Interview

  5. Mrs. Laverne White is a New York City native. Born in the mid 1930’s to parents who migrated from [...]
    Laverne White, Full Interview

  6. Luis Pinzon who was born and raised in Quito, Ecuador talks about some of the most popular dishes fr[...]
    Luis Pinzon, Full Interview

  7. Susan Christensen and Annalou Christensen desribe the small businesses in the area. The children wer[...]
    Annalou Christensen, Clip 10: Relationships with b [...]

  8. Edgar Tinoco started cooking as a child in Mexico for his younger siblings because their mother work[...]
    Edgar Tinoco, Clip 1: A Love of Cooking

  9. Shavetta grew up in India and moved to New York after getting married in 2002. She has been living w[...]
    Shavetta Gupta, Full Interview

  10. Jerry Persaud refrains from eating meat for religious reasons four days a week. He discusses the sig[...]
    Jerry Persaud, Clip 2: Hindu Vegetarianism

  11. Nadia Germain describes soup joumou, a traditional Haitian soup eaten on New Year's Day.[...]
    Nadia Germain, Clip 3: Haitian New Year's Sou [...]

  12. Marlen Castro shares her recipe for the very popular flan she makes for family gatherings as well as[...]
    Marlen Castro, Clip 1: How to Make Flan