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  1. Ekta and her husband are shown celebrating their anniversary on a one day Spirit cruise in Manhattan[...]
    Spirit Cruises 2013

  2. Phyllis Spigonardo, Full Interview - Phyllis talks about her life in Queens, paticularly Astoria. In[...]
    Phyllis Spigonardo, Full Interview

  3. Ekta and her husband pose with a decorated Christmas tree in her sister-in-law's home in Floral Park[...]
    Celebrating Christmas for Fun

  4. Bill Mihaltse reminisces about his boyhood in Queens in the 1940's and 50's. He also talks about dat[...]
    William Mihaltse, Full interview with his Daughter [...]

  5. Juanita Howard talks about her experience coming to New York from West Virginia after her high schoo[...]
    Juanita Howard, Clip 1: Moving to New York

  6. Shavetta's family welcomes Rajesh's family as they arrive to the wedding. After they pay the bride's[...]
    Groom's Entrance

  7. Elizabeth Mihaltse interviews her father William about how he met her mother, Diane, and other detai[...]
    William Mihaltse on Meeting his Wife

  8. Phyllis Spigonardo married her husband back in 1952. He wrote her love notes every day.[...]
    Phyllis Spigonardo, Clip 1: How I Met Your Grandfa [...]

  9. Sal Porio, being interviewed by his daughter Laura, talks about growing up in NY, going to college, [...]
    Sal Porio, Full Interview

  10. Rajesh's sister-in-law puts kohl (eye cosmetic) in his eyes before the wedding ceremony.[...]
    Getting the Groom Ready

  11. Shavetta's family members, from left: Sumiran Aggarwal, Kashish Goyal, Ramila Jindal, Punam Bansal, [...]
    Awaiting the Groom

  12. Juanita is long-term resident living in Jamaica, Queens. In this interview, Juanita discusses her ex[...]
    Juanita Howard, Full Interview