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  1. Wally Rosenthal remarks that growing up, his neighbors were largely of European descent. He consider[...]
    Wally Rosenthal, Clip 2: Neighborhood diversity

  2. Jenny Verano came to Queens from Colombia in 1964 and moved to Woodside 43 years ago. Abe Vilensky f[...]
    Jenny Verano and Abe Vilensky, Full Interview

  3. Nilda Tirado has lived with her mother and sister in the Waldheim neighborhood in Flushing since 197[...]
    Nilda Tirado, Full Interview

  4. Elizabeth "Betty" Blunnie was born in Manhattan and moved with her husband to Sunnyside in 1962. She[...]
    Betty Blunnie, Full Interview

  5. Marilyn Reichstein, nee Albin, grew up in Flushing, New York in the 1950's. She was a member of the [...]
    Marilyn Reichstein, Full Interview

  6. In 1923, Mrs. McDonald's family moved to Sunnyside from Yorkville where most of the apartments were [...]
    Gertrude McDonald, Clip 1: Mother picked the top f [...]

  7. Mary Kaiser moved to the Waldheim neighborhood to live with her father, aunt, and uncle after her mo[...]
    Mary Kaiser, Full Interview

  8. Annalou Christensen describes how their family house was bought from a neighbor who her father used [...]
    Annalou Christensen, Clip 3: How father bought the [...]

  9. Looking forward to her 95th birthday in August, 2011, Gertrude McDonald shares some memories from a [...]
    Gertrude McDonald, Full Interview

  10. Annalou Christensen talks about moving from West 14th Street in Manhattan to the Waldheim neighborho[...]
    Annalou Christensen, Clip 1: Moving to Cherry Aven [...]

  11. During the Great Depression, Mrs. McDonald's father wasn't getting enough work to support the family[...]
    Gertrude McDonald, Clip 5: During the Great Depres [...]

  12. Mr. Vilensky describes getting an apartment in Woodside in 1946, through his sister-in-law's father [...]
    Jenny Verano and Abe Vilensky, Clip 4: Getting an [...]