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  1. A musician and Sunnyside resident for 25 years, Cosmos considers Sunnyside a "little oasis in the mi[...]
    Cosmos Clip 2: Renaissance Man

  2. “I was educated in a different way,” says Greg Chavez, who was born and raised in Astoria. He dr[...]
    Greg Chavez, Full Interview

  3. Cynthia talks about how record companies wanted to spread positive music to different communities, a[...]
    Cynthia Horner, Clip 3: Talks About Record Compani [...]

  4. Elai Tubo, Full Interview Part 2: Elai Tubo was born in Jamaica, Queens. He lived at 175th Place in [...]
    Elai Tubo, Full Interview Part 2

  5. Jeanne Bowes went to Frank Sinatra School of the Arts and graduated in 2006. Since then, she has bee[...]
    Jeanne Marie Boes Clip 1: Astoria's Music Com [...]

  6. Ralph McDaniels talks about how the show "Video Music Box" evolved from the original show "Studio 31[...]
    Ralph McDaniels, Clip 2: "Video Music Box&quo [...]

  7. Dorian Rudnytsky is the son of two popular musicians in Ukraine. His parents taught him the ways of [...]
    Dorian Rudnytsky, Full Interview Part 2

  8. Cynthia Horner talks about how music and religion gave a voice to disenfranchised people. Rappers we[...]
    Cynthia Horner, Clip 5: Cynthia And Rappers

  9. On a recent Friday at noon Cosmos sat on a milk crate in front of Red Wing Shoes on Queens Boulevard[...]
    Cosmos, Full Interview

  10. Part 1 of Full Interview: Ralph McDaniels has been a DJ and music producer for many years. He also h[...]
    Ralph McDaniels, Full Interview Part 1

  11. Cynthia Horner often read books out loud to her classmates. This action encouraged her to major in j[...]
    Cynthia Horner, Clip 4: Cynthia Reads Books To Her [...]

  12. Ralph was able to tell what part of New York someone was from by the way they dress. Queens would ma[...]
    Ralph McDaniels, Clip 5: Ralph McDaniels Talks Abo [...]