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  1. What makes Briarwood unique from other Queens neighborhoods is that it is now very much a mix of mul[...]
    Seymour Schwartz, Clip 3: The Over-development of [...]

  2. Joan Flowers discusses with interviewer Margo Luizzo, the Addisleigh Park neighborhood in Queens whe[...]
    Joan Flowers, Clip 1: Addisleigh Park's Histo [...]

  3. Dr. Yokaira Espiritu Santo talks about what inspired her to become a podiatrist and her training and[...]
    Yokaira Espiritu-Santo Clip 1: 30th Avenue Podiatr [...]

  4. Anthoula Lelekidis is the founder of the social media project Ancient Astoria, a collection of photo[...]
    Anthoula Lelekidis, Full Interview

  5. Sal Porio (4th from the left) sits with his neighborhood friends on John Street in Astoria. The stre[...]
    Childhood Friends on John Street

  6. Jon and Georgina are both Caucasian American, originally from LA. They lived in New Mexico before co[...]
    Jonathan Ellis and Georgina Young Ellis, Full Inte [...]

  7. Kristijana Jakulj was brought up in Split, Croatia. She came to New York in September 2002 on her ho[...]
    Kristijana Jakulj, Full Interview

  8. Marie Hinners discusses the identity of towns, their connection to their names and the protestation [...]
    Marie Hinners, Clip 6: Neighborhood Identities and [...]

  9. Jon recalls his family moving from Brooklyn to Forest Hills in 1941.[...]
    Jon Sperling, Clip 1: Moving to Forest Hills

  10. Wally Rosenthal remarks that growing up, his neighbors were largely of European descent. He consider[...]
    Wally Rosenthal, Clip 2: Neighborhood diversity

  11. Beata Zalewski speaks about how Ridgewood has changed over the years and how more and more artists h[...]
    Beata Zalewski Clip 1: Artists Moving to Ridgewood

  12. Richard discusses his life and history in Queens, specifically on his activism, career, religion, an[...]
    Richard Wandel, Full Interview