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  1. Wally Rosenthal remarks that growing up, his neighbors were largely of European descent. He consider[...]
    Wally Rosenthal, Clip 2: Neighborhood diversity

  2. Christine Martinez recounts her experience of the events that took place during Hurricane Sandy. The[...]
    Christine Martinez, Clip 2: Camp Fire Get-together

  3. Since Chinese and Koreans residents have moved to the neighborhood, Hansa has felt safer where she l[...]
    Geeta Sharma and Hansa Muni, Clip 5: Feeling safe [...]

  4. Mary Kaiser describes how she corresponded with her husband Phillip before they met in person. Durin[...]
    Mary Kaiser, Clip 3: Writing Letters to Her Future [...]

  5. Chris Shand works the 4pm to midnight shift at Flushing Hospital where his wife also works as a nurs[...]
    Chris Shand, Clip 4: Relationships with Neighbors

  6. Christine Martinez recounts her experience of the events that took place during Hurricane Sandy and [...]
    Christine Martinez, Clip 1: Impact of Hurricane Sa [...]

  7. The interview takes place in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy as the interviewee Christine Martinez [...]
    Christine Martinez, Full Interview

  8. Annalou Christensen, nee McQuilling, age 6, poses in a line of five children in the yard of her neig[...]
    Annalou Christensen, age 6

  9. After Mr. Gorman's neighbor passed away, his wife went to pay her condolences and found a private te[...]
    Aaron Gorman, Clip 1: Neighbor was in the mafia

  10. Mrs. Mohan says she felt safe in her neighborhood when she lived in Woodside. She had a lot of India[...]
    P. Ramaswamy and Radhika Mohan, Clip 3: Feeling Sa [...]

  11. Nettie Stewart describes how her mother used to ask for donations for neighbors in times of hardship[...]
    Nettie and Lisa Stewart, Clip 6: Caring for neighb [...]

  12. Annalou Christensen describes how their family house was bought from a neighbor who her father used [...]
    Annalou Christensen, Clip 3: How father bought the [...]