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  1. Ms. Blunnie remembers the parties at the private Sunnyside Gardens Park on holidays, and rummage sal[...]
    Betty Blunnie, Clip 4: Sunnyside Gardens Park

  2. Derelict park in Sunnyside.[...]
    Derelict Park

  3. Derelict park in Sunnyside.[...]
    Derelict Park

  4. Shavetta Gupta's son Rom Gupta is smiling by his bicycle in this photo taken before the race.[...]
    Astoria Bicycle Race 2014

  5. Rick Duro became a member of the Sunnyside United Dog Society (or SUDS) and eventually its president[...]
    Rick Duro, Full Interview

  6. A group photo of participants before the race at Astoria Park, 2011.[...]
    Astoria Bike Race 2011 Participants

  7. Family from Greece, including Efstathios and Simela Melidis, visiting Astoria Park. Inscription in G[...]
    Family from Greece in the Park

  8. This photo was taken after the Astoria Bike Race, 2011 in Astoria Park. Tushal and Shelly Gupta are [...]
    Winning The Astoria Bike Race 2011

  9. Mary Kaiser describes growing up with her aunt and uncle in the Waldheim neighborhood in Flushing. H[...]
    Mary Kaiser, Clip 1: Aunt and Uncle's Pony Fa [...]

  10. Nancy Vinson on a bench outside Athens Square Park on 30th Ave., just west of 31st Street.[...]
    Nancy Vinson at Athens Square Park

  11. George Lelekidis in a playful mood, as he raises his arms and smiles for the camera in Astoria Park.[...]
    Astoria Park on a Snow Day

  12. Group photo of participants at the Astoria Bicycle Race 2011. Left to right - Tushal Gupta, Shelly G[...]
    Astoria Bike Race 2011