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  1. Agnes and Albert Strodel (maternal grandparents of Maureen Powell) in a wedding portrait taken by a [...]
    Agnes and Albert Strodel's Wedding Portrait

  2. Peter Loupakis and Tony Loupakis, owners of Loupakis Karate Acrobatics & Gymnastics School in Astori[...]
    Loupakis Karate Acrobatics & Gymnastics School

  3. Annalou Christensen (top left) poses with her family in the empty lot where their neighborhood's fir[...]
    McQuilling family, Waldheim

  4. Class 5-213 takes a class photo at PS 153 Q, Daniel James is in the front row all the way on the rig[...]
    Daniel James' 5th Grade Class Photo at P.S. 1 [...]

  5. Tony Moore at Russell Simmons' home, attending a fundraiser for Simmons' Rushcard Foundation, which [...]
    Rushcard Foundation Dinner at Russell Simmons' [...]

  6. Artie Sanchez, John Acevedo, Dashawn Wilson, Dashawn Johnson, Mathew Lisbon, Duvall Ledbetter, Efia [...]
    Sanchez et al at Astoria Houses

  7. Artz & Kraftz were an R&B from the late '80s - early '90s that consisted of Antonio Moore, Mitchell [...]
    Artz & Kraftz

  8. Laurie Greenwald stands up front (holding flowers) with her friends and neighbors in this group port[...]
    Laurie Greenwald's 6th birthday party

  9. Jerry Lee Simpkins, Hardy Simpkins Sr., and their children are dressed up in preparation for a celeb[...]
    The Simpkins Family

  10. Norma Lee with her husband Robert, 4 year old son Roger and 5 month old daughter Cindy Sue. The fami[...]
    The Lee Family

  11. Group portrait. (Left to right) Sarbjit Singh, Gurmakh Singh, Pritam Singh, and Joginder Paul Jindal[...]
    Joginder and Friends at Nainital

  12. Huntington Junior High School class of 1951 portrait. The boy in the middle row on the far right is [...]
    Huntington Junior High School Class of 1951