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  1. Thadine working on the Common Thread Community Story quilt.[...]
    Thadine Wormly

  2. Gjeva Celaj with her daughters and granddaughter.[...]
    Gjeva Celaj with daughters and granddaughters

  3. David Bayer and son Zacary Bayer pose at a street fair in New York City.[...]
    David Bayer and his Son, Zacary

  4. Members of Army National Guard from the Bronx and New York City EMS workers in Far Rockaway the day [...]
    Hurricane Sandy First Responders

  5. Patricia Brintle on the day of her interview.[...]
    Patricia Brintle

  6. Beata Zalewski in a classroom in Grover Cleveland High School.[...]
    Beata Zalewski at Grover Cleveland High School

  7. Sisters Louise (left) and Susan Christensen pose for a photo while playing outside their home in the[...]
    Susan and Louise Christensen

  8. Richard Canning with his two kids Jerry and Theresa.[...]
    The Canning Family

  9. Blanche Jimenez and Nesrine Ramadan together on the day of Cambria Heights Broken Hearts interviews.[...]
    Blanche Jimenez and Nesrine Ramadan

  10. Found by the first responders, this damaged American flag was raised as a symbol of hope in Breezy P[...]
    Hurricane Sandy First Responders

  11. Diana working on the Common Thread Community Story quilt.[...]
    Diana Huang

  12. Shifra Garber sits in her New Rochelle home.[...]
    Shifra Garber at home