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  1. A young Rosemarie (Gralton) Piscopo and a small boy sit on a bench in a garden at Madison Court.[...]
    Rosemarie Gralton and Friend

  2. A woman and a girl stand with a small child, in the snow.[...]
    Family in the Snow

  3. A man and a woman stand in the snow, with a boy and girl, and a small child on a sled.[...]
    Family in the Snow

  4. Two men stand with a boy and a girl in a garden at Lincoln Court.[...]
    In the Garden

  5. A man stands on the roof of a building.[...]
    Standing on the Roof

  6. A woman and a small child stand in front of Rainbow Hand Laundry.[...]
    Woman and Child

  7. A garden at Madison Court.[...]
    Garden at Madison Court

  8. A young Rosemarie (Gralton) Piscopo sits on a stone planter, in a garden.[...]
    Rosemarie Gralton

  9. A woman and a young girl stand on the front steps of a brick house.[...]
    On the Front Steps

  10. An older couple stands behind two bagpipe players.[...]
    Grandma and Grandpa

  11. 3 women stand in the kitchen of a home in Sunnyside Gardens.[...]
    In the Kitchen

  12. Two girls stand in the cut through at Madison court.[...]
    Two Girls