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  1. Ruthie and David Horowitz posing in front of 39-20 46th Street in Sunnyside Gardens, 1946.[...]
    Ruthie and David Horowitz

  2. Steven Wolfe's report card, 2nd grade, 1946, Mrs. Lockwood's class - take note of the conduct grades[...]
    Report Card

  3. Ruthie Horowitz in front of 39-20 46th Street in Sunnyside Gardens.[...]
    Ruthie Horowitz

  4. Portrait of Steven Wolfe at age 7.[...]
    Young Steven Wolfe

  5. Steven Wolfe's report card, 2nd grade.[...]
    Report Card

  6. Steven Wolfe's postcard to his dad from camp. It reads: From Steven - Dear Father, How are you? Do n[...]
    Postcard from Camp

  7. Mark Fox (left) and Steven Wolfe on 46th Street in Sunnyside.[...]
    Boys on 46th Street

  8. Portrait of the brothers Steven and Robin Wolfe.[...]

  9. Group of children around a table in birthday party hats. Top Row L to R: Bobby Stonehill in crown fa[...]
    Birthday Party Sunnyside

  10. Group of nine children pose on a picnic table in Sunnyside, Queens. At top: unknown; Second Row L to[...]
    Sunnyside Kids