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  1. Steven Wolfe's parents in front of the family home at 3949 46th Street in Sunnyside Gardens.[...]
    Mr. and Mrs. Wolfe

  2. Steve Kessler eating his good humor on 43rd Street courtyard steps where Dolid's lived in Sunnyside.[...]
    Steve Kessler Eating Good Humor

  3. Horowitz family photo 1953[...]
    Horowitz Family 1953

  4. Four women in Sunnyside Gardens play Scrabble outdoors.[...]
    Sunnyside Women at Play

  5. Lee Stonehill playing roller hockey.[...]
    Lee Stonehill

  6. Ruth Kappel, Steve Kappel, Mel Kessler, Larry Kapple, Mildred Kessler, Steve Kessler.[...]
    The Kessler and Kappel Families

  7. Upper left, clockwise: Georgie Krause, Billy Gullo, Lee Stonehill, and Michael Karp.[...]
    Sunnyside Boys

  8. Georgie Krause with model airplane with Michael Karp behind him, in Sunnyside Gardens.[...]
    Boys in Sunnyside Gardens

  9. Ruth Horowitz posing on the P.S. 150 steps for 6th grade graduation in June 1953.[...]
    Ruth Horowitz - P.S. 150 6th Grade Graduation 1953

  10. Steve Kessler and Larry Kappel at camp 1953-54.[...]
    Steve and Larry at Camp

  11. Indoor shot in the gym at J.H.S. 125 in Sunnyside. [Maybe Charles Dressler running in front][...]
    Gym at JHS 125 in Sunnyside.

  12. Ann Scherel Heller, on her front stoop, on the day of her graduation from either PS 125 (junior high[...]
    Ann Scherel Heller on her Graduation Day.