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  1. The Sunnyside Mafia - "don’t ask - no names given". Group of four men and four women dressed up at[...]
    The Sunnyside Mafia

  2. Ruth Horowitz in her backyard at 3907 44th Street - Lincoln Court North, Sunnyside Gardens. Blocks w[...]
    Ruth Horowitz 1955

  3. Steve Kessler and Larry Kappel in Sunnyside 1955.[...]
    Steve Kessler and Larry Kappel

  4. Steve Kessler in front of 3955 46th Street in Sunnyside Gardens.[...]
    Steve Kessler

  5. Myra Buxbaum, the French teacher at J.H.S. 125 in Sunnyside where she also lived; seen here in Sunny[...]
    Myra Buxbaum and Dog

  6. Alfred Lowenherz waters with a hose in the backyards of Sunnyside Gardens, Steven Wolfe stands behin[...]
    Alfred Lowenherz, and Steven Wolfe.