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  1. Marion Rabinowitz and her sister.[...]

  2. Front cover of photo album of school graduation[...]
    Photo Album Cover

  3. Daniel Curbelo and Carole Pasternak pose outside the school.[...]
    The Great Love Affair

  4. Marion Rabinowitz and her sister posing with their father.[...]
    Father and Daughters

  5. Marion Wise poses for the camera on her graduation day.[...]
    All Dressed Up

  6. Report card for Marion Wise.[...]
    Report Card

  7. Western Union telegram for Judith (Marion) Wise, congratulating her on her graduation. From the Lowr[...]

  8. Photograph of the class teacher, Mrs. Russek.[...]
    My Teacher

  9. Honor Certificate for Marion Wise.[...]
    Honor Certificate

  10. Trudy Blody and cat pose for the camera.[...]
    I'm Getting in the Act Too!

  11. Cover page of photo album of school graduation[...]
    Graduation of P.S. 150 Q

  12. Daniel Curbelo, Larry Fiedler, Robert Sussman Dennis Nulman, George Krause, Lee Stonehill, Walter Sh[...]
    Yea! 6-3 Lions Yea!