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  1. Ruthie and David Horowitz posing in front of 39-20 46th Street in Sunnyside Gardens, 1946.[...]
    Ruthie and David Horowitz

  2. Steve Kessler and Larry Kappel in the 1980's.[...]
    Steve Kessler and Larry Kappel

  3. Phil Horowitz with daughter Ruthie on Woodside Avenue in Sunnyside, 1948.[...]
    Phil and Ruthie Horowitz

  4. Amy in her girl scout uniform with her younger sister Jenny, writing a letter at a desk.​[...]
    Amy in her Girl Scout Uniform with her Sister

  5. Steven Wolfe in his college graduation picture.[...]
    Steven Wolfe

  6. Mildred Kessler in her Sunnyside kitchen.[...]
    Mildred Kessler

  7. Steven Wolfe's parents in front of the family home at 3949 46th Street in Sunnyside Gardens.[...]
    Mr. and Mrs. Wolfe

  8. Mildred Kessler and Ruth Kappel, seated outside (Sunnyside Gardens Park?).[...]
    Mildred Kessler and Ruth Kappel

  9. Horowitz family photo 1953[...]
    Horowitz Family 1953

  10. Steve Kessler in front of his old building at 43-30 44th Street where they moved in 1957.[...]
    43-30 44th Street Sunnyside

  11. Son of Steven Wolfe's parents cousin in a suit in front of the Wolfe's house at 3946 46th Street.[...]
    Boy in Suit

  12. Blanche Horowitz with her daughter Ruthie in the snow on Woodside Avenue, 1948.[...]
    Blanche and Ruthie Horowitz