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  1. Friends and family members of Michael D'Alleva. The group are celebrating Thomas D'Alleva's birthday[...]
    Birthday Celebration

  2. Receipt from DeBellis Music & Gift Shop. The receipt lists the items bought by Mrs. Mary D'Alleva an[...]
    Music and Gift Shop Receipt

  3. Lynne Serpe was interviewed as part of the 30th Avenue Project. She also ran for city council and th[...]
    Vote For Lynne Serpe

  4. Thomas D'Alleva sitting in a high chair. This picture also depicts an unidentified girl and two unid[...]
    Thomas D'Alleva Celebrating a Birthday

  5. Edward Keating's daughter Mazona Keating Sprague on a horse in Astoria. People would pay money to ge[...]
    Riding a Horse in Astoria

  6. A Christmas card that Michael D'Alleva gave to his mother.[...]
    Christmas Card

  7. A letter of thanks from Michael D'Alleva to his Uncle Frank for during Father's Day.[...]
    Father's Day Letter

  8. Michael D'Alleva's motorcycle in his garage. He used this motorcycle frequently when he was teacher.[...]

  9. This document depicts the birth certificate card of Michael D'Alleva. It labels the baby's weight, t[...]
    Michael D'Alleva Birth Card

  10. Thomas D'Alleva sitting on a chair in their house during Christmas.[...]
    Young Boy Celebrates Christmas

  11. Recipe card for meatballs made by Michael D'Alleva's mom. The recipe lists the ingredients and the p[...]
    Meatballs Recipe

  12. Michael D'Alleva's brother, Thomas D'Alleva opening his presents in the family's living room on Chri[...]
    Celebrating Christmas