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  1. View of the intersection of Roosevelt Avenue and 126th Street in Carona and at the western foot of R[...]
    Traffic in Front of Stadium in the Evening

  2. Businesses along Willets Points Boulevard near Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, including QC Iron Works[...]
    Businesses on Willets Point Boulevard

  3. Sign to West Northern Boulevard and Grand Central Parkway at northern end of Willets Point Boulevard[...]
    End of "Iron Triangle Walk"

  4. View looking north on Willets Point Boulevard. Willets Point Boulevard is home to many automotive sh[...]
    Willets Point Boulevard Auto Shops

  5. Looking west at Citi field in background with car parked in foreground on right. Taken while walking[...]
    Citi Field from Willets Point Boulevard

  6. Walking northeast on Willets Point Boulevard in Corona. Family party, perhaps a BBQ. Grill behind pa[...]
    Walking Past a Family Barbeque

  7. View from the end of Willets Point Boulevard, facing north toward Northern Boulevard and the Whitest[...]
    North End of Willets Point Boulevard

  8. A car repair business in the evening towards the north eastern end of Willets Point Boulevard in Cor[...]
    Auto Shop on Willets Point Boulevard