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  1. Group photo from the class of 1957 50th year reunion for Richmond Hill High School.[...]
    50 Year Reunion

  2. Vincent Arcuri is on the Community Board 5 where he speaks about the history of Glendale and how it'[...]
    Vincent Arcuri, Full Interview

  3. Article on a Glendale community reunion, held on August 14, 1999 at the Commack fire Department Grou[...]
    Glendale Community Reunion

  4. Glendale was planned in 1911 and started being built in 1927. The town is isolated separated by rail[...]
    Vincent Arcuri, Clip 2: The History of Glendale

  5. Mayor Michael Bloomberg hosts reception in honor of the New York City community boards at Gracie Man[...]
    Vincent Arcuri and Michael Bloomberg

  6. Richmond Hill High School senior prom. Vincent Arcuri is in the 2nd couple on left.[...]
    Richmond Hill High School, 1957 Senior Prom

  7. Vincent Arcuri talks about his high school experience at Richmond Hill in the 1950s. He was in the c[...]
    Vincent Arcuri, Clip 1: Richmond Hill High School

  8. Vincent Arcuri and high school friends. The men are identified as top l to r: Eric Naumann, Warren M[...]
    Group Photo of Young Men

  9. Vincent and his mother in the family house in Glendale.[...]
    Vincent Arcuri and his Mother

  10. Richmond Hill High School Commencement Pamphlet. Dated Tuesday, June 25, 1957[...]
    Richmond Hill High School Commencement Pamphlet

  11. Group photo, possibly New Year's Eve. Taken outside an ice cream parlor. Top: L to R: Lynn Smith, Pa[...]
    Group Photo

  12. Portrait of Vincent Arcuri, Jr. on the day of his interview.[...]
    Vincent Arcuri at Home