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  1. Leonore Lanzillotti is sitting on her knee and holding her younger sister Norma on Greenpoint Avenue[...]
    Sisters: Leonore and Norma Lanzillotti

  2. Leonore Lanzlilotti and her sister Norma on Greenpoint ave between 41st and 42nd Streets.[...]
    Sisters on Greenpoint Ave

  3. Leonore Lanzillotti, age 5, stands in front of Bliss Theater in 1947. Barabara Stanwyck's California[...]
    Bliss Theatre

  4. Leonore Lanzillotti and her son Frank Fanene Jr. standing in front of the Lincoln Saving bank locate[...]
    Leonore Lanzillotti with Son Frank Jr.

  5. Leonore Lanzillotti's mom, Yolanda Lanzillotti at age 41 is pictured looking south on Greenpoint Ave[...]
    Life on Greenpoint Avenue

  6. Leonore Lanzillotti standing with her husband Frank Fanene in front of the Market Butcher and Shoe s[...]
    Leonore Lanzillotti and Frank Fanene with Son Fran [...]

  7. Sisters Leonore and Norma Lanzillotti in front of Bliss theatre on Greenpoint Avenue between 44th an[...]
    Sisters at Bliss Theatre