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  1. Sameer's friends and family pose at his 18th birthday party. From left to right: Jared, Yasmin, Naze[...]
    Friends at Sameer's Birthday Party

  2. Jania Taylor holds a book, one of the items she received during her first Christmas in the United St[...]
    First Christmas in the United States

  3. Ruksana Alladeen and Azad Insanali at their wedding.[...]
    Wedding portrait

  4. The bride and groom cut the cake at the wedding celebration of Ruksana Alladeen and Azad Insanali.[...]
    Wedding Cake

  5. Jared Khan, Nabila Insanali, and Jonathan Khan (left to right) pose with plants and flowers.[...]
    Children with Flowers

  6. Hand made anniversary card from Nabila to her parents[...]

  7. A portrait of I.S. 238 student Desiree Gee.[...]
    Portrait of Desiree Gee

  8. Rasheed Ally (left) and Sameer Insanali (right) at Sameer's 18th birthday party.[...]
    Sameer's 18th Birthday Party

  9. Blowing out candles on birthday cake at Sameer's 18th birthday party.[...]
    18th Birthday Party

  10. Nafran Abdul (right) proposes to Nabila Insanali (left) using tea-light candles to spell out his que[...]
    Marriage Proposal

  11. Shazad Insanali and Sameer Insanali in Hollis.[...]
    Shazad and Sameer at Hillside and 187th place

  12. Members of the Insanali family pose for a portrait on Sameer's 18th birthday. From left to right: Sh[...]
    Sameer's 18th Birthday