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  1. Natalio's backyard garden containing lettuce, cucumber and watermelon.[...]
    Backyard Garden

  2. Natalio and his first grandson Jonathan in front of his backyard garden on Langdale. In the garden, [...]
    Natalio and Jonathan at the Backyard Garden

  3. The Tabaco kids celebrating Halloween.[...]
    A Tabaco Halloween

  4. Angie Tabaco's father's Greenhouse which was originally built in 1976-1977.[...]

  5. Venancia Tabaco started working 1968 at Long Island Jewish Hospital.[...]
    Venancia and Fran Tabaco

  6. The outside of the Tabaco House on a snowy day.[...]
    Snow Day

  7. A side of the Tabaco family's home in New Hyde Park.[...]
    A Side of the Tabaco's House

  8. The Tabacos sitting in the backyard.[...]
    The Tabaco Children Sitting in the Yard

  9. This picture was taken before the Tabaco family left for a one year trip to the Philippines. All the[...]
    A Tabaco Family Photo

  10. Natalio's birthday and his wedding anniversary with his wife.[...]
    Natalio's Birthday and Wedding Anniversary

  11. Natalio with his Filipino Squash[...]
    Filipino Squash

  12. Natalio's backyard garden that contains lettuce, cucumber, watermelon and corn. There were also frui[...]
    Natalio's Garden