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  1. Donald A. Hill, better known by his artist name "Honcho," was one of the earliest New York City deej[...]
    Donald A. Hill Press Photo

  2. A studio portrait of Desiree Gee as a baby.[...]
    Desiree Gee as a Baby

  3. Betty Lelekidis' high school graduation. She is posing with her friend.[...]
    Betty's Graduation Day

  4. Flyer advertising the services of Bartlett Contemporaries with "The Next Generation Sound" - From Be[...]
    Bartlett Contemporaries with "The Next Genera [...]

  5. Betty Lelekidis celebrates her high school graduation day.[...]
    Betty's Graduation Day

  6. Certificate of Appreciation to Bartlett's Contemporaries Band from the New York State World's Fair C[...]
    Bartlett's Contemporaries Band Certificate of [...]