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  1. Sunset on 111th Street-Greenwood Avenue, seen from the A-train platform.[...]
    Beautiful Sunset

  2. Kiranjeet Kaur with her son on the day of her interview.[...]
    Kiranjeet Kaur with her Son

  3. 109th Street sidewalk during the daytime, underneath the J train tracks.[...]
    109th Street Sidewalk

  4. Group photo from the class of 1957 50th year reunion for Richmond Hill High School.[...]
    50 Year Reunion

  5. Rich Haven Little League team in off-white uniforms and maroon caps posing with their coaches in a t[...]
    Rich Haven Braves Little League Team 1978

  6. Richmond Hill Block Association organizes with members including Dario Centrocelli and Borough Presi[...]
    The Saga of Engine 294

  7. National Cleaners storefront on 118th Street. The entrance to the Lefferts Boulevard Station of the [...]
    National Cleaners Storefront in Richmond Hill

  8. 'Singh's Roti Shop And Bar". During the evening the store lights up with neon.[...]
    Singh's Roti Shop

  9. Richmond Hill Block Association presenting leaf blowing machine to the Parks Department. The ceremon[...]
    Richmond Hill Block Association Civic Donation

  10. A young Maryann Corsa swings in a park on 106th Street and Atlantic Avenue in Richmond Hill.[...]
    Park Swing in Richmond Hill

  11. A program from a student play, "Richmond Hill to Thee," performed at Richmond Hill High School in 19[...]
    Program for School Play at Richmond Hill High

  12. Vincent Arcuri is on the Community Board 5 where he speaks about the history of Glendale and how it'[...]
    Vincent Arcuri, Full Interview