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  1. A portrait of the newborn Sophia Mott.[...]
    New Member of the Mott Family

  2. Sara Mott with her son Bradley Mott in the snow.[...]
    Family in the Snow

  3. Photograph taken during the Miss Philippines USA competition. Esther Tabaco (in the white on the rig[...]
    Miss Philippines USA Competition

  4. A portrait of Sara Mott at age 18, taken for a passport photograph.[...]
    Portrait of a Young Sara Mott

  5. Kim Defeno and her son Kenneth, the half-brother of Nicole and Amanda Defeno.[...]
    Kim Defeno and Her Son

  6. Sisters Sara and Lillian Mott pose at a party.[...]
    Sisters at a Party

  7. The wedding of Sara and James Mott in Queens.[...]
    Sara and James Mott Wedding

  8. Sara Mott and her fiance Edward Chewens at their bridal shower.[...]
    Bridal Shower for Sara Mott

  9. Jacqueline Mott, daughter of James Mott and granddaughter of Sara and James Mott.[...]
    A Young Member of the Mott Family

  10. Mohammad Nasim poses with Pakistani Nobel Prize winner Malala Yousafzai.[...]
    Nobel Winner Malala Yousafzai

  11. Group photo of the 5th Force Intelligence staff.[...]
    Seymour Schwartz and Sailors

  12. Nicole Defeno (right) with her sister Amanda Defeno (left) in the park.[...]
    Nicole and Her Sister Amanda