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  1. Electrical lines blew out and started fires that destroyed businesses on Rockaway Beach Blvd and 116[...]
    Destroyed Building and Tattered Sign

  2. A backyard under an overcast sky in the Rockaways, covered with debris after Hurricane Sandy.[...]
    Overcast Backyard Damage

  3. In the aftermath of the storm, burned and rusted cars, druined household items and garbage collected[...]
    Rust Rubble and Garbage

  4. A boarded up gift store at 116th Street in the Rockaways, two days after Hurricane Sandy.[...]
    Boarded Up Gift Shop

  5. The Rockaways were damaged by Hurricane Sandy but survived after the storm passed. The street sign s[...]
    Rockaway Beach Blvd Sign

  6. After Hurricane Sandy, many South Queens residents had to remove water-damaged furnishings from thei[...]
    Hurricane Sandy Residential Clean-Up Efforts

  7. Post Sandy, the clean up from the hurricane had the residents and businesses putting the garbage in [...]
    Sandy Dump

  8. As part of Hurricane Sandy restoration, construction workers dumped sand to raise the land higher th[...]
    Sand Mounds

  9. The remains of the American flag still waving near an abandoned warehouse in Fort Tilden.[...]
    Surviving Flag at Fort Tilden

  10. On the second day after Sandy hit, only debris is left in the back yard of a resident's home, along [...]
    Debris Fallen Backyard and Burned Side House

  11. Two houses damaged by Hurricane Sandy.[...]
    Beach House Damage

  12. After the storm passed a lot of sand was distributed over more that just the beach front so the peop[...]
    Man Made Sand Dunes