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  1. Iris Zalun poses with her brother Marc and grandmother Primativa Zalun in front of the Christmas tre[...]
    Setting Up the Christmas Tree

  2. Marc Zalun on a field trip to the Bronx Zoo.[...]
    Field Trip to the Bronx Zoo

  3. Marc Zalun (right) celebrates his third birthday with his sister Iris Zalun (left).[...]
    Birthday Celebration

  4. Siblings Iris and Marc Zalun with a snowman in their Woodside backyard.[...]
    Woodside Snowman

  5. Marc Zalun (front) and his father Hipolito Zalun at home in Woodside.[...]
    At Home in Woodside

  6. Iris Zalun (dressed as a bride) and her bother Marc (dressed as Barney) at a Halloween celebration a[...]
    Halloween at Corpus Christi School

  7. Marc and Iris Zalun in their Woodside backyard during a snowstorm.[...]
    Woodside Snow Storm

  8. Marc Zalun rides a bike in front of the new family home in Long Island.[...]
    Long Island Front Yard

  9. Siblings Marc and Iris Zalun are dressed up for a graduation ceremony at Corpus Christi School in Wo[...]
    Dressed Up for Graduation

  10. Iris Zalun with her parents Elenita and Hipolito Zalun after being awarded the "Student of the Month[...]
    Student of the Month

  11. Iris Zalun (left) and her grandmother Primativa Zalun (right) in the front garden of their Long Isla[...]
    Family in the Front Garden

  12. Iris and her father Hipolito Zalun on a school field trip to a local farm.[...]
    Picking Pumpkins