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  1. Steven Wolfe's report card, 3rd grade, Miss Frankel, 1947 - again, note conduct grades[...]
    Report Card

  2. Two boys on a bicycle in front of the Wolfe's house at 3949 46th Street in Sunnyside Gardens.[...]
    Boys on a Bicycle in Sunnyside

  3. Steven Wolfe describes pranks he and his friends pulled at J.H.S. 125 in Sunnyside, especially on a [...]
    Boy Pranks at J.H.S. 125

  4. The Sunnyside Mafia - "don’t ask - no names given". Group of four men and four women dressed up at[...]
    The Sunnyside Mafia

  5. Steven Wolfe writes about going to elementary school at P.S. 150 in Sunnyside. He writes about his t[...]
    School Woes

  6. Steven Wolfe in his college graduation picture.[...]
    Steven Wolfe

  7. Billy Gullo in front of the Zuckerman family's 1947 Studebaker - "the car that looked like it could [...]
    Billy Gullo in Sunnyside Gardens.

  8. Annluise Williams and Joan Tenzel standing near a baseball field at a school outing to a park in Que[...]
    Queens Girls at Park

  9. Steven Wolfe's parents in front of the family home at 3949 46th Street in Sunnyside Gardens.[...]
    Mr. and Mrs. Wolfe

  10. A note Steven Wolfe left when he ran away from home - he hid in the gardens of Sunnyside. It reads: [...]
    Runaway's Note

  11. Steven Wolfe writes about the local shops in Sunnyside in the 1950's. He describes the candy store B[...]
    Store Stories - Benowitz', Rogen's, and [...]

  12. Four women in Sunnyside Gardens play Scrabble outdoors.[...]
    Sunnyside Women at Play