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  1. A photograph of the Tennis Courts in Forest Park.[...]
    Tennis Courts

  2. The view of 90th street looking North from Jamaica Avenue in Woodhaven.[...]
    90th Street on Woodhaven

  3. A Jewish Center in Forest Hills since 1931.[...]
    Forest Hills Jewish Center

  4. The photograph depicts the house across the street from that of Tom Hammond, on 86th St.[...]
    The House Across From Tom Hammond's

  5. A house decorated on Halloween, located on 91st and 86th Avenue.[...]
    Halloween House

  6. Benny Biagio, a barbershop on Jamaica off 85th Street.[...]
    Benny Biagio, Hair Cutters

  7. Tom and his sister Betty outside their house on 86th Avenue in Woodhaven.[...]
    Siblings Outside in Woodhaven

  8. Looking north on Woodhaven Boulevard near Forest Park, toward the Forest Park Co-op apartment buildi[...]
    View of Woodhaven Boulevard

  9. The J train at the Woodhaven Boulevard Station.[...]
    J Train

  10. George Seuffert with his band, the Seuffert Band, had free concerts every summer at this bandshell. [...]
    George Seuffert Bandshell

  11. Tom Hammond's sister's friends in front of their house in Woodhaven.[...]
    Easter with Friends

  12. This bronze sculpture depicts Captain Gerald MacDonald (1882-1929), a Forest Hills resident who serv[...]
    Captain MacDonald