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  1. Mildred Kessler and baby Steve Kessler in 1945.[...]
    Mildred Kessler and Steve Kessler

  2. Amy in her girl scout uniform with her younger sister Jenny, writing a letter at a desk.​[...]
    Amy in her Girl Scout Uniform with her Sister

  3. Steven Wolfe's mother in front of their house at 3949 46th Street in Sunnyside.[...]
    Mrs. Wolfe

  4. Dr. Al Fisher with son Stephen on 48th Street rooftop where he worked and the family lived. The Fish[...]
    Dr. Al Fisher with Son Stephen

  5. Jean Aslaender, the mother of donor Joseph Aslaender, stands outside her home at 91-30 111th Street [...]
    Jean Aslaender on 111th Street in Richmond Hill

  6. Portrait of Mel Kessler around 1950.[...]
    Mel Kessler

  7. Mel Kessler with his camera.[...]
    Mel Kessler

  8. Vincent and his mother in the family house in Glendale.[...]
    Vincent Arcuri and his Mother

  9. Adria with her older brother Stevie Fisher on the roof of 45-14 48th Street where their father had h[...]
    Adria with Her Older Brother Stevie

  10. Blanche Horowitz working in the garden at Lincoln Court North, Sunnyside Garden in the 1950's.[...]
    Blanche Horowitz

  11. Captain Lindquist - Clement sailed with Capt. Lindquist on 2 or 3 ships, they had a close relationsh[...]
    Captain Lindquist