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  1. Billy Gullo in front of the Zuckerman family's 1947 Studebaker - "the car that looked like it could [...]
    Billy Gullo in Sunnyside Gardens.

  2. Frank and Pauline Kerzner with their children, young Paul Kerzner standing in front, and baby Frank [...]
    The Frank Kerzner Family

  3. Robert Presti poses with his sister Barbara and friend Robert Butch Potenza on 50-23 39th Street in [...]
    Presti Siblings and Friend

  4. Tom Hammond on the block of his home in Woodhaven, New York.[...]
    Tom on the Block

  5. Lee Stonehill and Billy Gullo near the alley where Bob Thompson attacked.[...]
    Lee Stonehill and Billy Gullo

  6. Matthew Rifkind dressed in a suit for his Bar Mitzvah in Sunnyside.[...]
    Matthew Rifkind

  7. Robert Presti drives a toy car in front of in front of 50-23 39th Street, Sunnyside.[...]
    Robert Presti Drives Toy Car

  8. Joey and his family is in front of their home.[...]
    Joey with His Dad and Siblings

  9. Betty Hammond and her friend by her father's car in front of their house in Woodhaven, New York.[...]
    Betty and Her Friend