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  1. Friends and family members of Michael D'Alleva. The group are celebrating Thomas D'Alleva's birthday[...]
    Birthday Celebration

  2. Thomas D'Alleva sitting in a high chair. This picture also depicts an unidentified girl and two unid[...]
    Thomas D'Alleva Celebrating a Birthday

  3. A Christmas card that Michael D'Alleva gave to his mother.[...]
    Christmas Card

  4. Michael D'Alleva's motorcycle in his garage. He used this motorcycle frequently when he was teacher.[...]

  5. Court Square Diner, located underneath the train tracks at the Court Square 7 train stop.[...]
    Court Square Diner

  6. Christmas tree in Michael D'Alleva's family house during the 1960s.[...]
    Christmas Tree and Celebration

  7. Michael D'alleva's brother Thomas in their living room on Christmas. This photo was taken in Astoria[...]
    Christmas at Home