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  1. A Q48 bus to LaGuardia Airport drives west underneath the Roosevelt Avenue Bridge through Flushing M[...]
    Q48 Bus to LaGuardia Airport

  2. The 7 Train running over cars waiting for at traffic light. Parking garage for shopping center to th[...]
    Subway and Roosevelt Avenue Bridge

  3. People and businesses on Roosevelt Avenue in Flushing. Monroe College extension site on left, brown [...]
    Roosevelt Avenue in the Evening

  4. View looking west on Northern Boulevard at 6:31pm on September 23, 2016. Taken shortly after start o[...]
    Northern Boulevard near "Iron Triangle Walk&q [...]

  5. View looking east on Roosevelt Avenue in Flushing at 2:17pm on September 23rd, 2016.[...]
    Chinese Goods Store on Roosevelt Avenue

  6. View looking south at St. George's Episcopal Church on Main Street in Flushing at intersection with [...]
    St. George's Episcopal Church in the Evening

  7. View looking west on Roosevelt Avenue. Shopping center on right with 7 subway train on track below. [...]
    Intersection of Roosevelt Avenue and College Point [...]

  8. View of the south-east corner of the intersection between Northern Boulevard and College Point Boule[...]
    Starting Point for Wild Sound Recording "Iron [...]

  9. Roosevelt Avenue, looking east on Roosevelt Avenue near intersection with Prince Street at 2:18pm on[...]
    Roosevelt Avenue Apartments and Shopping Center

  10. View of the intersection of Roosevelt Avenue and 126th Street in Carona and at the western foot of R[...]
    Traffic in Front of Stadium in the Evening

  11. View looking south at the corner of Main Street and Roosevelt Avenue. "Iron Triangle Walk" continued[...]
    Pedestrians On Opposite Sidewalk on Roosevelt Aven [...]

  12. View looking west from underneath Roosevelt Avenue taken at 6:56 PM. Part of Regina Carra's Wild Sou[...]
    Foot of Roosevelt Bridge