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  1. The Scriptural Christian Supply Center in Saint Albans.[...]
    Scriptural Christian Supply Center

  2. Dry cleaner and tailor on Linden Boulevard at 192nd Street in St. Albans.[...]
    Nu-Clear Cleaners

  3. The intersection of Linden and Farmers Boulevard.[...]
    Boulevard. Cross-section II

  4. The Maria Rose International Doll Museum and Cultural Center was established in October 2007.[...]
    The Maria Rose Doll Museum & Cultural Center

  5. P.S. 36 in Saint Albans.[...]
    P.S. 36

  6. P.S. 36 in Saint Albans.[...]
    The St. Albans Public School 36

  7. The St. Albans Living Center houses the Department of Veteran Affairs. They provide Primary Care and[...]
    St. Albans Community Living Center

  8. NAACP Jamaica Branch office on 189-26 and Linden Boulevard.[...]
    NAACP Jamaica Branch

  9. Railroad station in Saint Albans.[...]
    St. Albans Station

  10. St. Albans Memorial Park, located on Merrick Boulevard, 173rd Place, Sayres Avenue. The park was aqu[...]
    St. Albans Memorial Park

  11. Roy L. Gilmore Funeral Home, St. Albans, New York[...]
    Roy L. Gilmore Funeral Home

  12. St. Albans branch in Queens Library.[...]
    Queens Library St. Albans Branch