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  1. Arnold Sinclair - Born around 1910. (Angela Sinclair's uncle?)[...]
    Arnold Sinclair

  2. Rodolfo Sinclair - This is Angela Sinclair's father. He worked on a ships crew, and went to school a[...]
    Rodolfo Sinclair

  3. Mary Cruise (Sinclair) - She was born in 1893 and died in 1956, she was Angela Sinclair's grandmothe[...]
    Mary Cruise (Sinclair)

  4. Gertrude "Tula" Sinclair - She was born in 1937 and was an registered nurse, she was Angela Sinclair[...]
    Gertrude "Tula" Sinclair

  5. The Sinclair Family - grid of nine portraits on one sheet from left to right and then down: Arnold S[...]
    The Sinclair Family Circa 1940

  6. Juan Sinclair - He was a WW II soldier. [written on photo - To: Joe, From: Johnny][...]
    Juan Sinclair

  7. "Puerto Rizo" Sinclair - Sone of Gilbert Sinclair and Angela Sinclair's cousin, he was born around 1[...]
    "Puerto Rizo" Sinclair

  8. Joe Sinclair - He was a photographer. (Angela Sinclair's uncle?)[...]
    Joe Sinclair

  9. Owen Sinclair - He was an electrician.[...]
    Owen Sinclair

  10. Gilbert Sinclair - Born in 1913 he was a great cook, the brother of Rodolfo, and Angela Sinclair's u[...]
    Gilbert Sinclair

  11. Eddie Sinclair - He was born around 1930 and became a lawyer.[...]
    Eddie Sinclair

  12. Robert Sinclair Jr. - He was a respiratory therapist and was born around 1930.[...]
    Robert Sinclair Jr.