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  1. This postcard from the 1939-40 World's Fair advertises a rug manufacturer that exhibited at the Japa[...]
    Japanese Rugs at the 1939 World's Fair

  2. The International Business Machines building had a large egg-shaped theater, covered with the letter[...]
    IBM Egg

  3. The Republic of China Pavilion was a reproduction of a tradtional imperial palace.[...]
    Republic of China Pavilion

  4. A statue of Lincon in front of the Illinois Pavilion.[...]
    Lincoln at the Illinois Pavilion

  5. The Tower of the Four Winds mobile stood in front of the Pepsi Cola building.[...]
    Tower of the Four Winds and Pepsi Cola

  6. Lorraine Passero standing in front of the Unisphere.[...]
    Lorraine Passero in Front of the Unisphere

  7. The Continental Insurance building's "Parade of Heroes" illustrated the history of the American Revo[...]
    Continental Insurance Building

  8. Lorraine Passero stands in front of the Belgian Village.[...]
    Lorraine Passero at the Belgian Pavilion

  9. Take for a 1965 Oldsmobile commercial. Since the ad was in black and white, the actors wore black, w[...]
    1965 Oldsmobile Commercial

  10. The Swiss Sky Ride ran between the Swiss and Korean Pavilions. The building with the pyramid of bubb[...]
    View from the Swiss Sky Ride

  11. Crowds gather next to the Greece Pavilion on the last day of the World's Fair.[...]
    Last Day of the World's Fair

  12. The Unisphere was the symbol of the 1964/65 New York World's Fair.[...]