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  1. The Mott family, from left to right: Lillian, Sara, James, James, Sara, and Bradley[...]
    Mott Family Photograph

  2. Father (Hyung) holding one year old son (Richard Lee) at Flushing Meadow Corona Park for a Korean ha[...]
    Hyung and Richard Lee at Park

  3. Mildred and Ben Stonehill visit with sons Lee and Bobby at camp[...]
    Mildred and Ben Stonehill visit with sons Lee and [...]

  4. Janette James' father, Patrick Reginald James (nickname: Jim Jones) with his dog, Bullet, early 1980[...]
    Man and Dog

  5. Joanne is depicted with family and friends on the day of her college graduation.[...]
    Joanne's College Graduation

  6. Sara Mott with her son Bradley Mott in the snow.[...]
    Family in the Snow

  7. Family from Greece, including Efstathios and Simela Melidis, visiting Astoria Park. Inscription in G[...]
    Family from Greece in the Park

  8. Frank and Pauline Kerzner with their children, young Paul Kerzner standing in front, and baby Frank [...]
    The Frank Kerzner Family

  9. Thomas D'Alleva sitting in a high chair. This picture also depicts an unidentified girl and two unid[...]
    Thomas D'Alleva Celebrating a Birthday

  10. Joanne, her parents, and her nephews Luigi and Henry play Sungka on Christmas in the Philippines.[...]
    Joanne and Her Family Playing Sungka

  11. William and Brenda Getty sit by a fountain, facing away from the Unisphere, at the World's Fair.[...]
    William and Brenda Getty at the World's Fair

  12. A portrait of Paul Kerzner's great grandmother Dorothy Schrage, with her grandchildren on Greene Ave[...]
    Dorothy Schrage and her Grandchildren