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  1. Anthony Alic playing in the snow after a February snowstorm, accompanied by his father Dujo Alic.[...]
    Anthony Alic Playing in the Snow

  2. Gordana Mogollon, Nadeljka Alic, Anthony Alic and Christopher M. at a Mets game at Shea Stadium.[...]
    Mets Game at Shea Stadium

  3. Christopher M. during a snowstorm on Steinway Street.[...]
    Christopher During a Snowstorm

  4. Anthony Alic and his friends in their gym uniforms at St. Joseph's School.[...]
    Anthony Alic and Friends at St. Joseph's Scho [...]

  5. Pio Fernandez's home back in Baybay Leyte, Philippines.[...]
    Pio Fernandez's home in the Philippines

  6. St Joseph's School where the 7-year-olds, including Anthony Alic, took their first communion togethe[...]
    St. Joseph's School First Communion

  7. Anthony Alic at Belmont Race Track in Queens.[...]
    Anthony Alic at Belmont Race Track

  8. Pio Fernandes's sister making ice cream for the family at their home in the Philippines.[...]
    Pio Fernandez's Sister Making Ice Cream

  9. Dan Mogollon and Elaine Mogollon's wedding at St. Luke's Church[...]
    Mogollon Wedding at St. Luke's Church

  10. Steinway Street and 30th Avenue during a snowstorm with Old Astoria Theater on the left.[...]
    Steinway Street During a Snowstorm

  11. Filipino American Human Sevices, Inc (FAHSI), with Deputy Majority Leader Leroy Comrie and Miss Amer[...]
    Filipino American Human Services, Inc.

  12. St. Joseph's Brigade from Astoria marching in the St. Patrick's Day Parade from St. Joseph's Church [...]
    St. Joseph's Brigade