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  1. Rufus Charles - Portrait of Clement Thomas's brother-in-law in Trinidad, this photo was taken around[...]
    Rufus Charles in Trinidad around the end of WW II

  2. Mark Passero with Bubsy the dog.[...]
    Mark and Bubsy

  3. Steve Kessler and Larry Kappel in the 1980's.[...]
    Steve Kessler and Larry Kappel

  4. Arnold Sinclair - Born around 1910. (Angela Sinclair's uncle?)[...]
    Arnold Sinclair

  5. Rodolfo Sinclair - This is Angela Sinclair's father. He worked on a ships crew, and went to school a[...]
    Rodolfo Sinclair

  6. Steven Wolfe in his college graduation picture.[...]
    Steven Wolfe

  7. Billy Gullo in front of the Zuckerman family's 1947 Studebaker - "the car that looked like it could [...]
    Billy Gullo in Sunnyside Gardens.

  8. John Liu in the uniform of the Taiwan military at the age of 18, during his service.[...]
    John Liu in the Taiwan Military

  9. Frank Presti, older brother of Robert Presti, poses with a friend on 39th Street in Sunnyside.[...]
    Frank Presti Poses in Sunnyside

  10. Adolfas Kregzdys stands in the snow in front of his home in Woodhaven.[...]
    Snow in Woodhaven

  11. Rose Wolfe, Dr. J. and Mildred Diamondstone, Roz Schliefstein, and Mildred Kessler at a 1952 party a[...]
    Party at the Kessler's

  12. Steve Kessler in front of his old building at 43-30 44th Street where they moved in 1957.[...]
    43-30 44th Street Sunnyside