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  1. Norma Lanzillotti on the swings at 43rd Street Park, which became Thomas P. Noonan Jr. Playground.[...]
    Swinging in Sunnyside

  2. Family from Greece, including Efstathios and Simela Melidis, visiting Astoria Park. Inscription in G[...]
    Family from Greece in the Park

  3. George Lelekidis in a playful mood, as he raises his arms and smiles for the camera in Astoria Park.[...]
    Astoria Park on a Snow Day

  4. Betty Lelekidis standing over the river by Astoria Park.[...]
    Betty Lelekidis Looking Over the Water

  5. Kamaljit Kaur and her daughter Erika Banga have a picnic on the grass of Astoria park while the sun [...]
    Picnic in Astoria Park

  6. Steve Lelekidis as a toddler standing in the grass at Astoria Park.[...]
    Steve Smiles For The Camera

  7. Anne Rothman photographed at Tompkins Square Park. She moved to Queens in 1976.[...]
    Anne Rothman at Tompkins Square Park

  8. This sign details some uses of the Fort Totten grounds in 2013. The fort was closed as a military ba[...]
    Fort Totten Park

  9. Betty Lelekidis and Athena Melidis enjoying a beautiful snow day at Astoria Park.[...]
    Snow Day In Astoria Park

  10. Leonore (eldest), Norma, and Martha (youngest) Lanzillotti at 43rd Street Park in the summer of 1947[...]
    Lanzillotti Sisters

  11. Betty Lelekidis poses and smiles for a photo while hanging out at Astoria Park.[...]
    Betty at Astoria Park

  12. Steve Lelekidis standing in the grass in Astoria Park.[...]
    Young Steve Lelekidis in the Park