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  1. Mildred Kessler with Mel and Ruth Kappel resting under a tree in 1956.[...]
    Mildred Kessler, Mel and Ruth Kappel

  2. The fifth grade graduating class at P.S. 95 poses in the shape of the number "1" in 2015. This image[...]
    P.S. 95 Graduation Photo

  3. Mildred and Ben Stonehill visit with sons Lee and Bobby at camp[...]
    Mildred and Ben Stonehill visit with sons Lee and [...]

  4. Nick (left) and Frank Kerzner (right) at Confirmation.[...]
    Nick and Frank Kerzner

  5. Sameer's friends and family pose at his 18th birthday party. From left to right: Jared, Yasmin, Naze[...]
    Friends at Sameer's Birthday Party

  6. Bartlett's Contemporaries Band - Color promotional photograph from 1980 taken at St. Albans Plaza. F[...]
    Bartlett's Contemporaries Band 1980

  7. Group portrait of nine kids who lived on 46th Street in Sunnyside Gardens on Halloween.[...]
    Sunnyside Gardens - 46th Street Halloween Kids

  8. The Sunnyside Mafia - "don’t ask - no names given". Group of four men and four women dressed up at[...]
    The Sunnyside Mafia

  9. Andrew Kerzner of Ridgewood is at front right with a beer in his hand after he enlisted in the Army [...]
    Ridgewood Kaiser Hunters

  10. Class photograph of students from P.S. 125 in Woodside. Paul Slapikas is on the far left of the fron[...]
    P.S. 125 Third Grade Class Photograph

  11. Frank A. Kerzner center in his military uniform with a couple of guys from his unit out on Long Isla[...]
    Frank A. Kerzner

  12. Frank and Pauline Kerzner with their children, young Paul Kerzner standing in front, and baby Frank [...]
    The Frank Kerzner Family