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  1. Leonore Lanzillotti is sitting on her knee and holding her younger sister Norma on Greenpoint Avenue[...]
    Sisters: Leonore and Norma Lanzillotti

  2. Leonore Lanzlilotti and her sister Norma on Greenpoint ave between 41st and 42nd Streets.[...]
    Sisters on Greenpoint Ave

  3. Amy in her girl scout uniform with her younger sister Jenny, writing a letter at a desk.​[...]
    Amy in her Girl Scout Uniform with her Sister

  4. Leonore and Norma Lanzillotti on the corner of 41st Street and 48th Avenue in the 1940s.[...]
    Corner of 41st street and 48th avenue

  5. Margaret Passero and her sister on the rooptop "Tar Beach".[...]
    Margaret and her Sister

  6. Amanda Defeno (left) and her sister Nicole Defeno (right) at the Busch Gardens, a theme park.[...]
    Defeno Siblings in Florida

  7. Leonore (eldest), Norma, and Martha (youngest) Lanzillotti at 43rd Street Park in the summer of 1947[...]
    Lanzillotti Sisters

  8. The Scanlon Sisters (left to right), Nora, Eileen, and Johanna dressed in their best take to the coa[...]
    Three Scanlon Sisters with Backdrop off the Coast [...]

  9. Kamaljit's late husband, Ramesh Kumar, and her two daughters Erika and Ekta Banga in their home in S[...]
    Ramesh Kumar and His Daughters

  10. The three Kregzys sisters and their father stand in their backyard in Woodhaven. From left to right:[...]
    Family in the Backyard

  11. Norma and Leonore Lanzillotti on 41st Street and 48th Avenue.[...]
    41st Street and 48th Avenue

  12. Sisters Sara and Lillian Mott pose at a party.[...]
    Sisters at a Party