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  1. Anthony Alic playing in the snow after a February snowstorm, accompanied by his father Dujo Alic.[...]
    Anthony Alic Playing in the Snow

  2. Christopher M. during a snowstorm on Steinway Street.[...]
    Christopher During a Snowstorm

  3. The view of 90th street looking North from Jamaica Avenue in Woodhaven.[...]
    90th Street on Woodhaven

  4. Laurel Restaurant, Kent Cleaners, and Wine and Liquors stay open during a blizzard in Flushing.[...]
    Resilient Stores Open During A Blizzard

  5. Phil Horowitz with daughter Ruthie on Woodside Avenue in Sunnyside, 1948.[...]
    Phil and Ruthie Horowitz

  6. Sara Mott with her son Bradley Mott in the snow.[...]
    Family in the Snow

  7. Adolfas Kregzdys stands in the snow in front of his home in Woodhaven.[...]
    Snow in Woodhaven

  8. A snowy day on 91st street between 86 road and 86 drive.[...]
    A Snowy Day on 91st Street

  9. Snowy steps leading up to a set of glass doors.[...]
    Winter on Van Zandt Avenue

  10. Gene Chu and father posing for a family photo during winter time.[...]
    Gene Chu and Father

  11. Christopher, Nadellca, and Anthony outside Christopher's house in Astoria, building a snowman on a s[...]
    Building a Snowman

  12. Blanche Horowitz with her daughter Ruthie in the snow on Woodside Avenue, 1948.[...]
    Blanche and Ruthie Horowitz