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  1. The Tabaco family had a party with another family.[...]
    Tabaco Family Party

  2. A young Joseph (Joey) Tabaco with his mother Venancia Tabaco at their home in the Parkway Village Ga[...]
    Tabaco Family at Home in Parkway Village

  3. The Tabaco kids celebrating Halloween.[...]
    A Tabaco Halloween

  4. Joey and his Mother[...]
    Joey and His Mother

  5. This picture was taken before the Tabaco family left for a one year trip to the Philippines. All the[...]
    A Tabaco Family Photo

  6. Friends pose at the New York book launch of Filipinos in New York City by Kevin L. Nadal, which was [...]
    Book Launch of Filipinos in New York City

  7. The Tabaco kids are standing in the snow.[...]
    The Tabaco Kids in the Snow

  8. Joey and his parents in Parkway Village.[...]
    Joey and His Parents

  9. A collage of photographs created by Natalio on the wall of the Tabaco family's New Hyde Park home, w[...]
    The Tabaco Kids

  10. The Tabaco kids on Easter Day.[...]
    Tabaco Easter Day

  11. Joey is sitting in front of his house in Lido Beach[...]
    Baby Joey

  12. The Tabaco family and their six kids.[...]
    Tabaco Family Gathering