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  1. Friends and family members of Michael D'Alleva. The group are celebrating Thomas D'Alleva's birthday[...]
    Birthday Celebration

  2. Ruthie and David Horowitz posing in front of 39-20 46th Street in Sunnyside Gardens, 1946.[...]
    Ruthie and David Horowitz

  3. Mildred Kessler with Mel and Ruth Kappel resting under a tree in 1956.[...]
    Mildred Kessler, Mel and Ruth Kappel

  4. A young Edward Joseph Scalon posing in his parent's house in 220 Est 76th Street, New York City. Mr.[...]
    Edward Joseph Scanlon Sr. Childhood Portrait

  5. Steve Kessler at Rockaway Beach in 1950.[...]
    Steve Kessler at Rockaway

  6. A toddler stands in a patch of grass, next to a stroller. A road and buildings can be seen in the ba[...]

  7. Two boys on a bicycle in front of the Wolfe's house at 3949 46th Street in Sunnyside Gardens.[...]
    Boys on a Bicycle in Sunnyside

  8. Carnival parade in February 1920 on Central Avenue and J Street (Avenida Central and Calle J) in Pan[...]
    Panama City Carnival 1920

  9. Joanna as a toddler with her doll carriage at 40-10 44 Street in Sunnyside.[...]
    Toddler Joanna

  10. Mildred and Ben Stonehill visit with sons Lee and Bobby at camp[...]
    Mildred and Ben Stonehill visit with sons Lee and [...]

  11. Mildred Kessler and baby Steve Kessler in 1945.[...]
    Mildred Kessler and Steve Kessler

  12. Rufus Charles - Portrait of Clement Thomas's brother-in-law in Trinidad, this photo was taken around[...]
    Rufus Charles in Trinidad around the end of WW II